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HockeyCat Pets of the Month
at the Orange County Animal Shelter
Visit their Petfinder site to see dogs and cats available for adoption

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Snow White
Orange County Animal Shelter Chapel Hill NC Cats

Snow White is an unusual cat. If you go to the shelter, you will find her hiding from sight. She is a nice cat, but a very shy one. Don't let her behavior in the shelter fool you. Many cats are terrified of being in the shelter. Snow White purred the entire time that she was having her picture taken and was very sweet and gentle. If you take a cat like Snow White home, be prepared for her to take a while to warm up to you.

Once a cat like this becomes comfortable with her surroundings, she is quite likely to surprise you with her affection. She was found by a store in Pittsboro, NC. I have a cat just like Snow White in many ways. She is very shy, but after 2 months, she became a delight and now she is still a little skittish, but she is wonderful family pet.

Please visit the Orange County Animal Shelter at 1081 Airport Road in Chapel Hill, NC to adopt Snow White or any of the other cats and dogs there.

Orange County Animal Shelter Chapel Hill NC Cats

Lucinda is just cute. She is still young enough to be kittenish and quite a talker.

Please visit the Orange County Animal Shelter at 1081 Airport Road in Chapel Hill, NC to adopt Lucinda or any of the other cats and dogs there.

Orange County Animal Shelter Chapel Hill NC Cats


Christopher (aka Critter) is a very special cat. His owner died while in Iraq. After spending 8 months living in a boarding kennel with dogs, he was surrendered to the Orange County Animal Shelter. He apparently is very good with dogs, but does not like other cats very much. Weighing in at 19 pounds, this is a big cat, but he is amazingly playful. He was more interested in playing than posing for a picture. Critter is about 3 years old and is extremely friendly to people. As you can tell from his picture, he is beautiful cat with a great attitude.

Critter is one of the many pets left behind by the War that can be found at animal shelters throughout the country. For many families suffering from the loss of a loved one, taking care of pets, like Critter, becomes a burden of memory that is too much to bear. They bring them into shelters hoping that someone will be able to take them in and provide a home for them. Every surrender, especially of the pet of loved one, is a difficult decision. It takes a great deal of courage to do this.

Critter was obviously well taken care of by his owner. He has been neutered and must stay indoors, because he is declawed. He has spent almost 9 months of his life in shelters and still has maintained a sense of dignity, mixed with playfulness that reflects his true spirit. As you can see from his picture, he holds his head up high and remains proud and strong.

Please visit the Orange County Animal Shelter at 1081 Airport Road in Chapel Hill, NC to adopt Christopher or any of the other cats and dogs there.

A word about the more mature cats. Every year kittens are adopted and some the older cats come into the shelter, either through death of a family member, moving or becoming lost. These older, more mature cats make great companions, especially for people who are looking for a pet who likes to curl up on the couch or bed. Contrary to popular opinion cats remain playful their entire life. Play for cats, like their human counterparts, helps to keep them (and you) young.

Since cats use a litter box, they make the perfect companion for people who live in apartments (that allow pets) and those with limited space. They also don't require you to go for a walk in the rain! For busy professionals, cats are very low maintenance and will happily curl up with you when you get home from your 12 hour days...

HockeyCat reminds you to Spay or Neuter your pet.


While Henrik Sedin may not mind having his finger tip amputated (click here for story), your cat does!

This disfiguring procedure has become almost standard at some Veternarian's offices. The HockeyCat reminds you that "declawing" is really amputating a very vital part of the cat. Please think and consider all of the alternatives before having this done to your cat.

Click here for more information on declawing.

The Orange County Animal Shelter accepts and appreciates donations.They accept cash, check, or credit cards. Donation can be made to:

Orange County Animal Shelter
1081 Aiport Road
Chapel Hill, NC 27514


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  • bedding and towels

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