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HockeyCat.com Announces
The Two-Line Pass of Advertising

HockeyCat.com receives about 30,000 hits per month from visitors throughout the country and around the globe. This is an audience that appreciates HockeyCat.com's honest information, opinion, news and profiles from the youth hockey world.

HockeyCat.com was started as a pet project and has grown into a trusted source for information about amateur hockey, because it is a real community of hockey people put together by a hockey parent, who is intimately involved in the hockey community.

HockeyCat.coms sends folks into communities around the country to give youth and College club hockey the kind of coverage it deserves. If you would like to write about your local hockey team for HockeyCat.com, please e-mail us.

HockeyCat.com is seeking advertisers interested in reaching the broader hockey community. The goal is to help fund the site and help expand the HockeyCat.com community around the country and around the globe. Our advertising rates are easy to understand:

  • $25 per month (less with contract) for up to a 200x200 pixel advertisement on the front page - larger ads cost more
  • $25 per month (less with a contract) for an advertisement per page (bulk discounts available) to be listed in our very popular rink guides - probably the best money you can spend
  • Sitewide advertisements are available - contact us for more information

Advertising on HockeyCat.com is a great way to reach a highly targeted audience for a very small investment. Not to mention you will help get youth and amateur hockey the coverage it deserves. Can Print Advertisements do that?

E-mail HockeyCat for more information about reaching hockey families all over the world.


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